Our experienced professionals will advise you on the right choice as per the likes, requirements an preferences shown by you. At every stage of the project from the design, drawings, choice of materials, workmanship till completion, quality is encouraged in our system. Our strength lies in clients’ confidence and we have proved our quality standards in every progressive step. By keeping ourselves up to date and keeping a track of changing trend, we are able to get desirable recognition and success from our customers.

Cladding is basically a typical metal curtain wall system. This system is constructed of light weight aluminium composite panels. Its applications include exterior cladding, column covers, in fill panels, fascias and canopies, clean rooms, interior walls and partition panels, equipment encl osures and beam wraps, trim and accents, soffits, parapets, louvers, sun shades and cornices. HCL
We offer Aluminium Glazed Partitions either full or half partings in offices or factory buildings made out of interior matching colored powder coated or anodized aluminium frames, prelaminated board or glasses. These partitions provide enough privacy from each other for so many persons working under one roof.
Structural Glazing with silicone is a specialized curtain walling system, which allows perfectly uniform large glazed spaces, not interrupted by traditional frames or any other supporting or fitting system projecting out of the pane of the glass. Instead of being fitted in the frames, the glass is fixed to a support, which in turn is attached to the structural element of the building, the tightness of the whole being obtained by a silicone seal. The glass is fixed on the support by means of the silicone seal along the edges of the internal surface.
The Stick Curtain Wall System is a frame of aluminium with mullions and transoms quit similar to large framed glazing except that the walls for manin dependent envelope around the main structure and are generally not resting on the concrete structure but are only connected to it. Plain metry of the whole glass wall as a single unit and special sealing elements, materials and techniques make it a highly specialized job. The glass is placed in the belt and is being fixed with covered pressure plate.
Aluminium Doors are the traditional doors made up of the aluminium frames with glass panes inside and floor springs mounted engineered to realize the achitect’s vision. Along with these doors, fixed and framed glazing levels a great impact and unique look.
Glass Doors are made up of tempered glass, transparent or translucent, clear or tinted highly polished edges and with holes and notches factory cut to fix the accompanying metal fittings. These doors can be installed at the convenience of the clients but in standard configurations. In modern construction industry, these are very popular door systems which are supplied in a ready to assemble condition with complete fittings like patch fittings, floor closer, handle set can dare installed in a matter of hours.